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A comprehensive and diversified offering to electrify industry

Our innovative cable solutions meet the needs of diverse applications to leverage the opportunities provided by electrification.

The electrification of energy end uses is a key pillar of decarbonisation and one of the major efforts required to reach the zero-emission goals set worldwide.
While the global energy demand is expected to remain stable over the next 30 years, the electricity share of the total energy mix is expected to double from 20% to 40% over the same period, mainly because of the shift of fossil fuel-based applications – like gas heating or internal combustion engines - towards electricity, particularly from renewable sources, and because of the growing expansion of electricity-based applications such as data centres. 
The more electricity applications grow, the stronger is the demand for a wide-ranging and specialised cable solutions offering in order to meet the needs of the diverse applications and capture the opportunities offered by this market-shaping megatrend.
With our new Connect to Lead business strategy, we aim at seizing the opportunities stemming from the structural megatrends driving the cable market, and become a global cable solutions provider leading the energy transition and digital transformation.

Connect to Lead in Electrification

According to its new Connect to lead, business strategy Prysmian aims at seizing the opportunities stemming from the structural megatrends shaping the cable industry and become a global cable solution provider. In line with this mission, the Electrification business unit:

  • Provides a wide-range cable offering to support the continuous growth of electrical applications in all industry segment on a global scale
  • Offers cutting-edge technologies and future-proof sustainable solutions
  • Continues co-developing solutions tailored to customer needs

A rapid and robust, yet truly agile supply chain

We deliver world-leading products to our customers by putting them at the centre of our daily work. And by endeavouring to truly understand your needs in order to provide an exceptional service. A key part of our success, therefore, lies in the quality, efficiency and capability of our supply chain.

Going beyond the cable

To support your business more fully, and to help you find new value in a changing world, Prysmian is constantly looking beyond the cables we manufacture. So our services for the construction sector now encompass innovative digital solutions that help you work more effectively, more efficiently and more profitably.



Smart Virtual Assistant


Alesea is a smart device installed on your cable drums, connected to cloud infrastructure for storage and processing, and an intuitive web platform. An integrated GPS locator, sensors and mobile communications give you near real-time access to information regarding cable drum location, potential theft and tampering, drum use and available cable volume and type.


Cable App

The professionals’ pocket toolkit


The Prysmian Cable App is the digital pocket toolkit for electrical professionals. Whether it’s for installers on site or electrical engineers in the office, the app helps users find the best cable solution for their next project and installation. And, unlike other apps, Cable App accurately calculates and determines solutions across a wide range of products, including buried steel wire armoured cable. Furthermore, it also measures the cost savings and possible environmental impact of a user’s chosen solution.

Product Information Management (PIM) system

Your window into the Prysmian world.


Available in 20+ countries worldwide, featuring information on over 35,000 products, 3,500 product families and 2,500 catalogues and datasheets, in 20 languages, the Prysmian PIM is an ever-expanding window into the Prysmian world.

It ensures completeness, consistency and accuracy of the technical and application data that we present via our web catalogues, data sheets, catalogues and distribution partners.  So you can identify the best cabling solutions for your industry in an easy and effective way.



intelligent identification, right where you need it


With PRY-ID, you don’t have to worry whether you’ve found the right cable before cutting it, whether the cable documentation is correct, or how to locate either of the cable ends. By scanning a cable, pre-fixed with an electronic chip, you can access everything you need to know via our user-friendly app. The information can include product name, tracking number, CPR data, cable length, packaging or drum size, and more.


All cables are not the same

As you construct the buildings and cities that are shaping our world today, it’s easy to assume that one cable is like any other. At Prysmian, we think differently. By investing in innovative technology that sets new standards in performance, safety, sustainability and cost-efficiency, we’re helping you meet the challenges you face every day.

And we’re proving that all cables are not the same.

All cables are not the same


One solution, many functions.


Did you know that more than 80% of domestic fires are caused by electrical installation faults? PRY-CAM HOME is easy to instal and simple to use, and allows electricians and homeowners to monitor electrical safety in the home directly from their phone. PRY-CAM HOME helps prevent faults from electrical appliances, overloads and black-outs and enables the monitoring of energy consumption – guiding homeowners towards better energy awareness.


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