Our commitment to a low-carbon future

We’re powering a truly sustainable future for ourselves and for our customers, without compromising on quality. Together, we can take charge of innovation, to find, create and deploy solutions which build a better tomorrow for everyone.


Every day, we are committed to ensuring the sustainability of our production processes and to safeguarding the environment. We work alongside local communities to ensure that the areas in which we operate are protected and to guarantee workplace safety.

“Sustainability is in our DNA and is an integral part of our business across the Group’s entire organisation. We are constantly reinforcing our technology offer in support of the energy transition and are committed to increasing the percentage of sales from low carbon products to 50% by 2022.”
Valerio Battista
Chief Executive Officer
Prysmian Group

Powering the planet, and protecting it too

The United Nations ‘Decade of Action’ programme has defined tangible solutions to the challenges posed by its 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

The first and most important objective is to make electrical energy production clean. A transition is required, from the current model — which is based on fossil fuel use, contributes to around 60% of greenhouse gas emissions, and is consequently the main cause of climate change — to one based on generating energy from renewable sources. This will preserve our ecosystems for future generations and can be made accessible to an ever-greater number of people in all regions of the world to support their civil and economic progress.

Prysmian Group is committed to supporting the achievement of the global agenda goals by contributing to building and upgrading infrastructures for energy transmission and distribution, and for telecommunications — the essential drivers for the transition to a new development model for civil society.

It is for this reason that we are engaged in continuous technological innovation with around €107 million investment in R&D in 2021, over 50 partnerships for innovation and about 5,600 patents filed.

Our social and climate change ambitions

We seek to become a global leader in sustainability. That’s why in 2021 we set challenging new climate and social goals that promote the transition towards a low-carbon world and a more equal and inclusive working environment.

Our Climate Change Ambition seeks to position Prysmian Group as one of the main technological players in the transition to low-carbon energy.

We have adopted science-based targets aligned with the requirements of the Paris Agreement, which calls for net-zero emissions between 2035 and 2040 for those generated by internal activities (Scopes 1 and 2) and by 2050 for those generated by the value chain (Scope 3).

These targets have been approved by the Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTI).


Our Social Ambition concentrates on new 2030 commitments to improve our performance in diversity, equality and inclusion (DE&I), digital inclusion, the empowerment of communities, employee engagement and upskilling. By adopting a pro-active approach, the Group is evolving into an organisation that recognises diversity, inclusion and gender equality at all levels, committed to facilitating the empowerment of women.


United Nations Global Compact statement

Prysmian Group adheres to the UN Global Compact, the principles and spirit of which are reflected in the culture, values and practices of the group. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values are deeply embedded in the Group’s DNA, inspiring its strategic priorities and influencing day-by-day behaviours.


50 climate leaders. Positive climate action across the world.

Prysmian Group is highly committed to supporting the development of greener and smarter power grids. Submarine cables are, and will be, an essential part of this development.


Prysmian has been involved over the years in many milestone projects across the globe, contributing to the development of entire communities. The focus of the new campaign – realized in collaboration with Bloomberg – is to showcase the work of organisations such as Prysmian Group, who are leading global thought and action on the critical climate issues of our time. We aim to become a thought leader in our industry and a positive contributor to solving environmental challenges.

Sustainability Report 2021

This is the sixth year of our Sustainability Report, a consolidated disclosure of facts and stats, with specific reference to environmental, social and staff-related issues, respect for human rights and the fight against bribery and corruption. The document is prepared in accordance with GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards; we have reported our efforts in several fields, from the protection of the environment and health and safety at work, to business ethics and integrity.



Sustainability Report


Diversity & inclusion

As a Group with a global footprint, we take our responsibility to create an inclusive environment seriously. We have a culture of sharing, collaboration, openness and transparency which means we embrace diversity, and we consistently monitor our progression.

Each of our people has a unique skillset, perspective and capability that they bring to the business. We encourage them to make their mark on Prysmian Group by recognising the essential part they play both in the company and in the world.

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