Karona Overblow System


Increasing bandwidth requirements from growing technologies and expectations demand ever greater optical fibre network capacity

Existing optical fibre networks are already congested with legacy cable, but installing more ducts can be expensive and time consuming. The new Karona Overblow System is designed to enable the installation of high density optical fibre cable into pre-existing sub-ducted routes, already containing legacy cable.

The Karona Overblow system provides numerous benefits to both installers and network operators

Traditional installation requiring planning licences for civil work can demand between 90-180 days’ notice prior to work starting. By comparison, installation with the Karona Overblow System does not require the same licences, eliminating this lead time. Then once civil work begins in traditional installation a speed of 100 metres per day is considered fast whereas Overblow installation is completed at 40 metres per minute, completing installations in just a few hours.

The Karona Overblow System is a solution comprised of overblow cables, installation equipment, connectivity and comprehensive training enabling Installers to use the system. Additional optical fibre cables can be installed, using a range of techniques from ‘Point to Point’ to achieve distances up to 1km, ‘Centre Blowing’ to achieve up to 2km or ‘Fleeting’ to achieve even greater distances. The Karona Overblow System encompasses a range of specifically designed overblow cables from 12 to 432 fibres matched with a range of joint closures to complete installation.

Higher installation speeds, significantly reduced lead times, eliminated civil work and drastically reduced end-user disruption are just some of the benefits provided by the Karona Overblow System.