RetractaNetXS System


One solution for every outside plant application

If you’re looking for a system that can easily be deployed in an existing duct or sub-duct infrastructure, in settings such as residential areas or greenfield sites, then our direct buried outdoor solution, RetractaNetXS more than meets the challenge.

RetractaNetXS employs specially manufactured retractable direct buried cable filled with small fibre modules. These modules are designed to be cut at one point in the network and retracted to another, where they can be fed or blown through microducts directly into customer premises.

A flexible and straightforward solution for deploying optical access networks to schools, museums, town halls, residential areas and greenfield sites, amongst others.


RetractaNetxs can be successfully deployed in a number of ways, from directly buried and aerial to using existing sleeves in leafy suburbs, gated communities and business parks.


The system is extremely fast and easy to install:

  • It can be installed using an already existing public infrastructure such as an administration network.
  • Its simple and straightforward concept means that the need for skilled labour is significantly reduced.

In action

Aerial RetractaNetxs has recently been deployed in South Africa with great success. The cable has been installed both in mid-block and street-verge deployments, either as a newly-installed distribution network or integrated with already existing backbone fibres.

An aerial drop tube with a draw wire is installed from the closest pole where a tapping box has been installed over the RetractaNetxs cable. The Extractable Single Fibre Unit (ESFU) is then cut at a tapping box further down the cable, extracted, crimped onto the drawstring and installed into the home and terminated. Extraction is very simple, and installers are already favouring RetractaNetxs drops over conventional fibre drops.

Contractors are now able to install 1200m of RetractaNetXS cable per day with an eight-person team.

RetractaNetXS offers significant savings on labour and materials. In fact, it can reduce the overall cost of OSP network deployment by 7–9%, compared to traditional P2P network solutions.