Telecom Connectivity Products


Prysmian Telecoms is all in the details

We put our customers at the heart of all we do and our attention to detail is second to none.
It means our designs are customised to perfectly match your individual needs.
It means our solutions are as unique as you are. It means we’re linking today to the future, creating connections between people for a better world.


Why choose Prysmian Telecoms?

Because, in short, we do it better. Because, in short, we do it all. From start to finish, and beyond.

It’s why we’re the cable experts in the field. Whether we’re talking research and design, creation and testing, or installation and post-deployment – we’ve got every aspect covered. All our telecoms cable products are developed with a long lifespan and a next-generation market in mind. They’re flexible and cost-effective too. Prysmian Group offers an extensive range of optical cables for every environment, available in a wide range of fibre count, fibre types and mechanical constructions. We also provide connectivity solutions designed for versatility, covering all cable management needs, whatever the network type. This catalogue showcases an optical connectivity portfolio that enables customers to create or manage networks capable of meeting today’s demands, and tomorrow’s too. Better performing FTTx networks, and happier end users.