Utilities & Power Grids


Linking today’s innovations with tomorrow’s power possibilities

Our cable solutions are the backbone of next-generation grids, making connections that were previously impossible.


Prysmian cable solutions form an integral part of power grids worldwide. We help major Transmission System Operators (TSOs), offshore wind developers and utilities develop power transmission and distribution grids.

We are unmatched in our overall manufacturing and installation capabilities, and have an unwavering commitment to R&D.

We design, produce and install high and extra high voltage underground and submarine cable systems, providing network components, value added engineering as well as monitoring and maintenance systems and services.

Our commitment to the energy transition

Governments and companies around the world have set ambitious “net zero” carbon reduction goals to achieve the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, thereby reducing the threat of climate change and its unpredictable outcomes. Yet these crucial energy transition and net zero goals may fail if power grids are not sufficiently integrated, widespread, efficient and smart.


The transition towards renewable energy cannot be achieved without the ability to transmit and dispatch power from sites where “green” energy is generated, like wind and solar farms, to the faraway cities and factories where it is needed. Our cables are the backbone of these next-generation power grids.

Project excellence and execution

We’re breaking new ground in cable projects delivery.

Our solid and effective approach to project management is second to none, maximising the capabilities and competencies of our qualified teams and individuals in combination with the Group’s extensive production capacities and installation equipment.

We deliver turnkey services for the construction of submarine power links for high power interconnectors and for large offshore wind farms.

From shallow waters to depths of 2,000 m and beyond, our fleet of cable laying vessels – the Giulio VerneCable Enterprise, Ulisse and Leonardo da Vinci – allows us to install submarine cables around the globe.

We combine both the extensive experience that matters in this sector and the pioneering solutions to realise the submarine connections our customers require.

Enabling the energy transition

Climate change is the core global challenge that human societies are presently facing. Significant decarbonization must be achieved to tackle this issue. The collective response has been a call for the expansion and integration of renewables. This whitepaper illustrates the energy transition mega trends, explaining how efficient, smart and green power grids are essential to succeed in this process, and describing how Prysmian can be a game changer in this scenario.

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