On land or floating at sea, we have all the cables that’ll bring sunshine to societies.

To meet an ever-growing need for power, the world is increasingly turning to renewable and sustainably sourced solar energy.  

Prysmian Group’s cables are helping businesses in the renewable industry around the globe to convert this opportunity into reality. Our technologies – which cover cables used in photovoltaic plants – support the operations of contractors and developers, grid operators, transmission and distribution system operators and panel makers. Always aware of our responsibility to the planet, we are constantly driving innovation in our industry, aiming to help renewable industry partners deliver projects with benefits for the future of both our world and their businesses.


The choice of components is critical in any PV system. Good quality and properly sized  cables provide optimized safety and longer-lasting systems. 

Solar PV cables are often exposed to harsh environmental conditions: UV radiation, moisture, temperature fluctuations as well as wind, snow and rain. Inadequate or low-quality cables can deteriorate quickly, thus reducing a system’s power generation capacity and, therefore, its revenues. Every KW lost in generation due to  poor quality cables is a loss in terms of return on investment.

Cables are one of the first components of a system to show failures, causing power generation disruptions and implying high replacement costs related not only to the replacement of cables, but also, and mostly, to the works required and the possible collateral damages to panels or other components.


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Whether on land or water, we deliver your overall demand for cables bringing photovoltaic energy all the way from the solar panels to societies.